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Food Grade & Sanitary Drum Pumps & Batch Controllers

Standard Pump is the global leader in Hygienic Drum Pump solutions and offers a broad range of pumps to meet the stringent safety requirements of the sanitary process industry. Standard pumps offer the ideal solution for transferring dairy products, pharmaceuticals, juices, concentrates, beer, wine, and cosmetic fragrances from barrels, kettles and Tote® tanks

NEW Longer Lasting Tubing

EP PLUS 30% Longer Lasting for DETERGENTS / BV Tube THREE TIMES longer lasting for ACIDS.

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With years of understanding the demands of the ever changing chemical formulations in the cleaning industry, Knight has developed a new enhanced EPDM tubing that lasts at least 30% longer in most common chemicals already used with EPDM tubing.

BV Tubing is made of a new high grade Lexsis compound that was specifically formulated to last against one of the most corrosive acids used in the laundry and industrial cleaning industry, Peracetic Acid. The BV tubing exceeded our expectations and significantly outperforms any of our other tubing used for Peracetic Acid. We discovered this tubing performs exceptionally well with other acidic chemicals used in the industry such as Iron Sour, Acetic Acid, and Bleach.

Sink Mate Plus

Kitchen Sink Dispenser: The Sink Mate Plus is designed to economically, and accurately dilute detergent and sanitizer to fill kitchen sinks. The dispenser is made with minimal number of parts and a toolless cover design, making servicing and installation simple.

YouTube Training Video Channel

Take a look at the informative videos we have available on our YouTube Channel, spanning all of our product areas.

MX Hospitality: Chemical Proportioning System

Knight has designed an elegantly simplistic proportioner that delivers chemical accurately and at an economical price. This compact, durable dispenser is designed with minimal number of parts, making servicing and operation simple.

ControlGuard ACCS

Next Gen Concentration Control System: The Control Guard ACCS (Advanced Chemical Concentration System) is designed with ease of setup and use in mind. By utilizing flow meter technology, the ACCS measures high concentrations of caustic, acid, rinse water or other liquids with an extremely high degree of accuracy (+/- 2%) thereby ensuring precise chemical feed control.

Laundry Chemical Dispenser

On-Premise Pro Series - Laundry Chemical Dispenser: The On-Premise Pro is a versatile unit that has multiple programming options depending on the type of laundry controller that is chosen for the unit. The On-Premise Pro utilizes the same main control and pump housing for the three available models: OP Pro Relay, OP Pro, and the OP Pro Global. The On-Premise Pro uses well proven components and familiar technology in a chemical dispensing unit that is now designed to be more serviceable, interchangeable, versatile, and modular. It has never been easier to choose a dispenser that fits your needs.

New germ-fighting machine to prevent viruses from spreading

As the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases continues to rise, some countries are taking extra precaution. In a time of crisis, more & more people around the world turn to Victory Electrostatic Sprayers to stop the spread of harmful infectious diseases.

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As governments around the world grapple with how to best defend against coronavirus, Victory cordless electrostatic Sprayers are at the forefront of the effort to clean surfaces. 

Victory sprayers are in use in more than 40 countries around the world. Health officials have posted videos of staff using the spray to sanitize rooms, vehicles, and people. They can use a variety of solutions depending on the situation. Victory Backpack sprayer can sanitize a plane in about five minutes.

“Hospitals, planes, trains, cruise ships -- we’re seeing this [demand for sanitization] more and more, but they don’t have the equipment to go out and fight it. They need a device to move through a hospital or plane very quickly and not disturb people,".