Vectra-Jet™ ULV 7505

Fogmaster ULV Chemical Disinfecting Fogger | Food & Beverage

Vectra-Jet™ ULV 7505

Fogmaster ULV Chemical Disinfecting Fogger  |  Food & Beverage   |  Sanitizing & Disinfecting Foggers

Fogmaster Vectra-Jet™ 7505 fogger can apply a thin (or thick) layer of sanitizing or disinfecting chemical to control undesirable microorganisms in clean rooms, packaging lines, storage areas, emergency vehicles, shipping containers and the like. The machine pulls chemical solution from a 1-gallon reservoir and discharges it as a fog of fine droplets. The powerful discharge carries the fog plume a distance of 35- 50 ft and creates eddies that spread it laterally.

Key Features

Carry it by hand, place it on a table or stool, or use it with the 6100 turntable for uniform 360° distribution. You can control fog timing manually, or with one of our timers.

The Vectra-Jet ULV was designed with disinfection applications in mind. Droplet size is adjustable with the 9-turn valve, down to very small droplets that float widely, resist settling and penetrate tight spaces. A high efficiency intake filter protects the motor from chemical droplets suspended in the air.

The Vectra-Jet uses corrosion resistant materials, such as stainless steel (for fittings, valve and liquid reservoir), Viton® rubber (for tubing and O-rings) and Celcon® acetyl copolymer (for nozzle components). Units can also be specified with HDPE or stainless steel nozzle elements for extra protection when applying strong oxidizers like peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or gluteraldehyde.

  • High-shear, counter-rotating vortex design
  • High efficiency cartridge type intake filter captures 99+ percent of 5µ droplets. Replaceable filter element.
  • Liquid flow rate: 0-10 oz/min [0-300 ml/min]; Nine turn vernier valve; Valve lock feature
  • Chemicals: Water- or oil-based solutions
  • Tank capacity: 1 gallon [4 liters]
Product Benefits
Coverage (still air) : 35-50ft
Flow rate : 280cc/min
Precision valve 9 turn flow control
Fog droplet size range: 4-50µ (micron)
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