Dairy Farm Cleaning & Sanitation


Knights has an extensive line of precision chemical dispensing systems designed to meet the sanitation and cleaning demands of the dairy farm environment, whether you are dealing with parlor sanitation, pipeline and milk vat cleaning, teat dip spraying, hose drop, or hoof baths.

PMP Plus Series

Variable Speed Chemical Metering System

The PMP Plus Series is Knight's newest line of variable speed metering pumps built on the industry's most reliable and consistent platform. The high performance chemical metering system is designed to offer a wide array of flow rates and multi-functional controls to meet your pumping application needs. With the choice of peristaltic or electric diaphragm metering pumps, the PMP Plus offers the versatility to dispense a variety of process fluids or chemicals for food & beverage cleaning and sanitation, dairy farms, industrial process, and large laundry.


One-Shot acid & alkaline dosing pump for milk vat cleaning

The One-Shot™ is a microprocessor-controlled is a dual pump system to dispense the acid and alkaline chemicals into milk tanks for cleaning and sanitation. No chemical cups or filling by the user is needed. Each pump can be individual programmed to precisely dispense a set volume of product. Activation of the pumps can be by means of pressing a button (Manual Mode), or from wash controller signal input of 12 to 230V AC or Volts-free contact (Automatic Mode). Option of setting a time delay before initiating the pump is an integral part of programming the pump.


Teat Dip Feed Pump

Knight’s new SprayGuard electric operated teat dip pump satisfies all the needs of today's traditional and high production milking parlors. SprayGuard is geared and designed to maintain consistent spray pressure, while reducing over all cost of ownership. Several innovative features including the industries only 24VAC pump eliminates the added expense of electrical conduit and lengthy installations.


PMP Series Chemical Metering Pumps

The PMP Series Peristaltic Metering Pump provides chemical control for food processing plants, cooling towers, spray washers, bottling plants, grease traps, sewage treatment, conveyor lubrication, boilers, and more. The peristaltic pump uses the rotation of an elliptical block to cause a vacuum and rapid self priming. The pump is mounted on a stainless steel watertight case that is designed to withstand the harsh environments of industrial applications.

Turbo XE 2000

Direct Feed Fog Fan

AQUAFOG Turbo XE fogging fans are superior atomizers designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Turbo XEs produce fog combined with powerful airflow, making them ideal for interior humidification, evaporative cooling, and chemical fogging. Components are UV stabilized and suitable for outdoor use.

This centrifugal atomizer produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles that evaporate quickly. The Turbo XE operates without the use of nozzles, high-pressure pumps, compressed air, or filtration, eliminating the need for constant repairs and maintenance. The fogging output is adjustable and controlled by a flowmeter. This unit can either be controlled manually or automated by adding a control with a solenoid valve. Units can also be fed using a metering pump or gravity feed system.

Turbo XE units come standard with 20’ of water line, a 12’ power cord and liquid-tight connector, and 16’ of drainage line. Utility line lengths may be customized during the order process. Units hang by either a universal mounting bolt or two U-bolts.