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Foam cleaning systems

Knight offers a variety of foamers designed for challenging applications in the food processing and industrial cleaning industries.
Foam cleaning is recognized as an effective method for removing oil and heavy soils from all types of surfaces. It is used for cleaning throughout the food processing, dairy, transportation, industrial and agricultural industry.


Mobile and Wall Mount Foam Cleaning Systems

FoamClean is designed to reliably produce consistent and controllable foam quality through the use of premixed foam cleaning chemicals. The FoamClean Mobile foamers and Wall Mount foamers dispense a rich lather of foam at 50 gal/min (foam) [190 lit/min (foam)] with a projection distance of up to 30 feet (9 meters).

Portable Foamer and Sprayer

Knight Portable Foamer

Knight Portable Foamer is a self-contained foam cleaning dispenser that delivers a rich foam with a long throw distance to clean those hard to reach places. To operate, just fill the 1.5L container with concentrate and connect the dispenser to a water source with a standard garden hose connection. Knight Portable Foamer can quickly change from a foaming unit to a spraying unit for rinsing by simply using the quick connect fitting to attach or disconnect the foaming attachment.

Sani-Clean 3

Foam and Spray System

This two product plus fresh water rinse dispenser accurately mixes any detergent or sanitizer at your chosen dilution ratio to produce a foaming or non-foaming cleaning solution. Sani-Clean 3’s simple design gives it flexibility for a wide range of applications. Use it for cleaning supermarket meat rooms, commercial kitchen areas, bakeries, seafood stores, cars and trucks, loading docks, and so on. It adapts to almost any environment. Sani-Clean 3’s robust body and heavy duty stainless steel cover won’t crack and resists scrapes that can deface plastic covers over time. This system will look good for years to come.