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Warewash / Kitchen

At Knight we understand that the dispensing equipment you use in your chemical program can mean the difference between success and failure.

UMP Digital

Warewash Chemical Dispensing Systems

The UMP Digital is a state of the art warewash chemical feed and control system for commercial dishwashing machines that has a well proven history of durability and reliability. This next generation of UMP Digital offers Inductive Probe capability, allowing the UMP Digital to operate in probe mode with increased reliability and accuracy without issues due to hard water or corrosive chemicals. You can dramatically reduce service time and offer accurate control for bottom line cost savings.

Mini-Pro Series

Warewash Mini Pump

The Mini-Pro Series is Knight's newest line of small and reliable dosing pumps with adjustable flow rates for single tank dish washers and glass washers. This compact, sleek peristaltic pump is designed to dispense liquid detergent or rinse aid. The Mini-Pro is the low-cost solution to your warewash dispensing needs.

Power Bowl Ultra

Solid Detergent Dispensing for Dishwashing or Laundry Machines

The Power Bowl Ultra Series offers three economical models for dispensing solid and dry chemicals. The Power Bowl Ultra, Sink Bowl and Solid Rinse Bowl feature the new screen center spray jet that evenly and efficiently dissolves solid chemicals to minimize product waste and provide more efficient chemical consumption.

The Power Bowl Ultra works with all industry standard solid and powder capsules. These sturdy, yet easy to operate bowl feeders are designed for use under the most challenging conditions, resulting in fewer service calls and greater customer satisfaction.

Sink Mate Plus

Sink Detergent Dispensing System

The Sink Mate Plus family of dispensers are the most field serviceable and adaptable in the industry. Available in one or two engine cabinet designs that feature ¼ turn handles to control the flow of solution.

Sink Mate

Kitchen Chemical Dispensing System

The Sink Mate Chemical Dispensing System is a heavy duty, water driven dispenser that automatically and consistently mixes the precise amount of detergent and sanitizer with water at the turn of a knob. The system’s field proven venturi can dispense your cleaning and sanitizing chemicals at 16 different mixing rates. At 4 gallons per minute, you can quickly and easily fill deep sinks and pre-soak pans. Sink Mate can be plumbed directly to the water supply or connected to the sink faucet with the Faucet Plus Sink Adapter Kit.

Sink Mate Hospitality

Economical Kitchen Sink Dispenser

The Sink Mate Hospitality is designed to economically, and accurately dilute detergent and sanitizer to fill kitchen sinks. The dispenser is made with minimal number of parts and a toolless cover design, making servicing and installation simple. The compact case fits nicely into small kitchen areas and the impact resistant cover design allows the unit to with stand the wear and tear in the kitchen environment. Both the 4 GPM Flex-Gap and 4 GPM Aire-Gap dilutes chemical at the same ratio allowing you to use the same metering tip or pre-metered cap for both Flex-Gap and Aire-Gap.

Sani-Clean 3

Foam Cleaning and Sanitizing System

This two product plus fresh water rinse dispenser accurately mixes any detergent or sanitizer at your chosen dilution ratio to produce a foaming or non-foaming cleaning solution. Sani-Clean 3’s simple design gives it flexibility for a wide range of applications. Use it for cleaning supermarket meat rooms, commercial kitchen areas, bakeries, seafood stores, cars and trucks, loading docks, and so on. It adapts to almost any environment. Sani-Clean 3’s robust body and heavy duty stainless steel cover won’t crack and resists scrapes that can deface plastic covers over time. This system will look good for years to come.


Grease Trap cleaning & Odour Control Dispensing System

Pro-Watch is a microprocessor based chemical dispensing system for grease traps, drains, and odor control. This easy-to-use system stores up to 20 dispensing events per day, programmable by day, minutes or seconds. With an addition of the Misting Kit, Pro-Watch becomes an advanced chemical spray system designed to spray deodorizing or sanitizing mist in a variety of applications such as trash compactors, roll-a-way garbage bins and other trash depositories.