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Downloads / Driver Downloads

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ILCS WinReporter V2

KCI-6000 Drivers and Windows 8

The 2.0 drivers work with Windows 8 & Windows 10. To install the drivers Windows 8 & Windows 10 need to be configured to allow the installation of unsigned drivers. To do this follow the following steps:

Windows 8

  • Go to the right bottom corner of the desktop and wait for the side menu to appear. When it's there click on the gear icon with the title "Settings".
  • Now click on the entry "Change PC Settings", then click on the entry "General".
  • Scroll down to "Restart now" (under "Advanced startup") and click it.
  • Wait a bit for a menu.
  • Now click "Troubleshoot", then "Advanced Options" and after that click "Startup Settings".
  • Click on "Restart" and wait for the Startup Settings.
  • Press F7 to Disable driver signature enforcement.
  • Wait for windows to start and then install the drivers.

Windows 10

  • Go to settings by typing "settings" in search bar and then click on settings icon 
  • Click on Update & Security
  • Select Recovery option on the left hand side
  • Scroll down to Advance startup & click on Restart now
  • Once computer has rebooted, choose the Troubleshoot option
  • Then select Advance options
  • Select Startup settings
  • Click on Restart and wait for the Startup settings
  • On the Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement
  • Wait for windows to start and then install the drivers


WinReporter and Windows 7&8

After installing right click the icon for WinReporter and then click properties.  On the compatibility tab it needs to be set to run in compatibility mode for ?Windows XP SP3? and you also need to check the check box ?Run this program as an administrator.